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September 2013

{Daily Jewel} Chanel Sapphire and Diamond “Elements Celestes” Earrings

{Daily Jewel} These Chanel earrings are honestly to die for, I could stare at these all day long with their sapphire and diamond snow globe like bubbles. Pair these with an all black sleek pant suit with some black platform heels with just hint of cobalt blue…. they remind of my all time favorite perfume […]

{Daily Jewel} Christian Dior Poured Glass Jeweled Necklace

For today's Haute Tramp Daily Jewel, I picked this heavenly beaded modern Christian Dior Necklace. I love the pop of color along with it's grand design resulting in a whimsical airy “my oh my, what a beautiful day!!” necklace. The only gripe I have is that I wish the Dior “D's” were blank because I […]

{Daily Jewel} Pink and Red Drop Earring Gorgeous by Hemmerle

Pink and Red makes Jeweled Gorgeous when it comes these stunning earrings by Hemmerle. I personally love that they aren't the same color, if your going to spend a small fortune on a pair of earrings then they best stand out like pink and red wild sparkling jeweled fire from your ears!!!     A […]

DIY Ring Organizer: Ring It On!

· Easy, Quick, and Oh so Pretty!!!! ·

Ring It On!!! | DIY Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp

Open your jewelry box or bag or crate and you’ll see your rings at the bottom of that proverbial barrel laying there loved, but unorganized.  If you’re like me you’ve got rings in all sorts of places, from the candy dish to the key holders to the soap box to the center island under the […]

{Daily Jewel} IRENE NEUWIRTH Boulder Opal and Pavé Diamond Ring

What a gorgeous blue green decadent opal ring by Irene Neuwirth!! I absolutely cannot get enough of Neuwirth’s jewelry designs, they are absolutely divine!! Super feminine and effortless looking with a giant breath of fresh air.  I am usually not a big fan of gemstone organic like jewelry but Neuwirth is different as you can […]

{Daily Jewel} Basile & Pape Bespoke Verde Pyramide Necklace

Basile & Pape Bespoke Verde Pyramide Necklace There are statement jewels and, well, there are pieces that absolutely take command. This is the latter. The plexiglass, crystal and 24K gold over bronze design is guaranteed to get tongues wagging. It is also an easy way to break the ice at any cocktail party. Everyone will […]

{Vintage Jewel Love} Claire Dev Earrings

This week's Vintage Jewelry Love are these fantastic Claire Dev red, blue, and purple sparkling drop earrings in a gorgeous gilt gold! They are positively fantastic and would look spectacular on!! The earrings are not super vintage as they are from the 80's but who cares, they are fantabulous!!!! Claire Dev Drop Gilt Earrings, circa […]

{Daily Jewel} Diamond Spotted Black Enamel Panther Brooch

· Catwalk Worthy ·

I’m absolutely crazy about this black panther brooch! Diamonds for spots outlined in gold with emerald eyes and a blazing emerald collar!!! Positively the cat’s meow!!! Diamond Spotted Black Enamel Panther Brooch Gorgeous Feline of Gold with black enamel, emeralds and approximately 1.75 carats total weight of diamonds, via heritage auctions  

{Daily Jewel} Titanium and Diamond Flower Brooch by Giovanni Ferraris

Today's Daily Jewel is a luscious rich diamond and titanium flower brooch by Giovanni Ferraris. I am absolutely in love with the deep blackberry currant color against the diamond outlined petals. The titanium lends itself to an oil slick effect making the colors go from that deep berry to a fiery tequila sunrise! STUNNING!!! Titanium […]

{Daily Jewel} WILLIAM de LILLO Necklace

I'm absolutely in love with this William De Lillo Red Flower Necklace!!! It is so positively fabulous!!! It's like a piece of pop art from the sixties meets a gorgeous field of red flowering blooms. This necklace is pure happiness like just about every other piece of De Lillo Jewelry!!!   WILLIAM de LILLO Red […]

{Jewel Crave} Green is the New Black: 13 Pieces of Holy Gorgeous Green Jewelry

For this week's Jewel Crave, being that it's Friday the 13th, instead of curating a gorgeous Black Jeweled List, I decided to Go Green! The result is an amazing round up 13 pieces of jewelry in all different shades of green. While 2013 was the year of Emerald Green, one shouldn't overlook Emerald's cousins, siblings, […]