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February 2014

Vintage Dior Jewelry Ads

Nothing like some Vintage Dior Jewelry Ads to swank up your Sunday! I could never get enough of Dior anything but Vintage Dior is like the most perfect strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry top:) Vintage Christian Dior Jewelry Magazine Taken from a vintage L'Officiel magazine dated June 1956. Christian Dior Jewelry! Via […]

Getting Booked on Vintage Napier Jewelry

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Vintage Napier Ad circa 1970's

Napier is Haughtier Jewelry Ad, 1970’s  Vintage Napier Jewelry is getting hotter by the second in vintage costume jewelry world. Amazing vintage Napier pieces are getting scarcer and scarcer while the demand is only getting higher, so it’s no wonder why fabulous Napier jewelry from a bygone era to the modern era are commanding top […]

Vintage Couture Jewelry Worthy-Chanel Cruciform Bangle by Karl Lagerfeld

Drawing of Karl Lagerfield, his most honored and revered Emperor of Chanel Couture

Fabulous Bad Ass Chic Crucifix Bangle by Mr Lagerfeld….he has some serious genius design skills (no big news flash there). Definitely Vintage Couture Jewelry Worthy! Absolutely love this bracelet!   CHANEL CRUCIFORM BANGLE by KARL LAGERFELD circa late 1980’s Gilt-metal set with gripoix pearls and pastes in Renaissance style via Christie’s Resurrection:Avant Garde Auction   […]