World of HT

Who Are We? + Our Philosophy

Haute Tramp lives to help women find their sparkle through empowering expression and lots of bejeweled bits and baubles. As modern women, our stories are so rich. We play so many roles. We borrow our fabulousness from all the ladies and gents before us and conjure our own out of thin air. Haute Tramp’s pieces tie the future and history of fashion and revolution, beauty and ballsy behavior together to ignite the spark that burns within every woman. Here, we wear our light on the outside.

Vintage: Birth and Rebirth

Rather than simply pick up a nice necklace or charming hobby HT founder Alexis Serafin found herself in a vintage bead shop. She soon found her days consumed with obsessive collecting beads and bobbles, crystals and chain, whole sets of vintage “costume” jewelry —forgotten pieces of a very glamorous test. Tens of thousands of carefully curated earrings, brooches, necklaces and individual crystals and beads later, Haute Tramp came into the world, in vintage heels and poppy lipstick, flinging glitter all over our everydays.



What’s In A Name?

Like Tramp Art, which creates gorgeous objects from cast off leavings, vintage costume jewelry is often the stuff at the bottom of the jewelry box — unworn, a little misunderstood — but in the right hands transformed into something totally stupidly Haute. Haute + Tramp. High + Low. Glamour meets rough hewn.

Behind the Scenes, HT Photoshoot

A Haute Modern Brand

Haute Tramp is a luxury vintage jewelry brand that has been built layer by layer. Each layer has been carefully thought out and has evolved through our hard work to become a very full bodied brand full of passion, depth and has a graceful order to it. We are a vintage jewelry boutique with a modern approach that tells a story. Our brand is a re- interpretation of seemingly unrelated pieces from different eras into modern day fashion…. according to Haute Tramp style.