{Daily Jewel} Breathtaking Dragon Bracelet by Harumi for Chopard

As I was searching around for gorgeous jewelry for our latest Pinterest Board, A Jeweled Menagerie, I came across this mesmerizing dragon bracelet. I honestly forgot what I was searching for in the first place as I literally got sucked into this dragon’s lair of HOLY GORGEOUS.

This dragon bracelet is simply DIVINE! The design is just sensational as your eyes are led throughout the whole dragon, from his ruby eyes to his green turquoise ears, to his brilliant emerald chest right before you go coiling about through a sparkled maze of diamonds, and finally the journey ends to the tip of his green turquoise feathered tail.

After all that, I wanna go on another eye candy ride. Absolutely Exquisite!

A collaboration between Chopard and jewelry designer Harumi Klossowska de Rola resulted in one of the most striking pieces of jewelry I have ever seen. The dragon bracelet is only part of an entire Jeweled Menagerie Collection.

Harumi for Chopard’s Dragon bracelet features rubies, diamonds, emerald and turquoise and fuses the major cultural symbols of the Chinese dragon with the Aztec plumed serpent.


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