{Daily Jewel} Simba Bracelet by Boucheron

Holy Bejeweled Boucheron Simba Bracelet, part of the Cabinet of Curiosities Collection. For a bracelet that is dripping in yellow cut sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds I don't think the name Simba is fitting enough for this beastly gorgeous jewel.

Simba makes me think of a children's piece of jewelry from the Disney Store made of plastic with coordinating plastic rhinestones that is in the same aisle as the Cinderella tiaras and boas that look like they have been through a shredder.

The name of the bracelet should have some stronger sounding words in it like lion or king or even something more high snobbish artsy like “The Magical Menagerie of Versailles” but then again What do I know? Boucheron was founded in 1858, which makes them 155 years old. They know exactly what they are doing but I will stand my mini piece of ground and disagree with their name choice on this guy because my GOD this is one fine looking Simba!!!


Set with a yellow cushion-cut sapphires, paired with yellow and orange sapphires, diamonds and emeralds, on yellow gold.

Photo Courtesy: Boucheron

Happy Thursday!!



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