{Daily Jewel} Yves Saint Laurent Diamanté Bow Drop Earrings

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Drop Bow Gorgeous Earrings!!! Oh my these are stunning! Crystal rhinestone chain hanging from half shaped rhinestone bows with faceted glass ruby stones to make these earrings POP with 1980's flair.

Below is an excerpt from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collections listing:

The 1980s represented a moment in time for exuberance in costume jewelry, seen particularly in large-scale pieces that incorporate large stones or swinging elements. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent, who conceived these earrings, embraced faux stones with a fervor not seen since the 1940s, when large sets of matching faux jewelry served as a means of enlivening wartime suits. In this witty and effective design, each earring represents one half of a bow. When worn together, the pair creates a whole bowknot and frames the wearer's face with glittering stones some of which swing with every turn of her head.


{Daily Jewel} Yves Saint Laurent Diamanté Bow Drop Earrings

Yves Saint Laurent Diamanté Bow Drop Earrings, ca. 1983-1984

via MOMA

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