Damiani Jewelry-Stunning Pieces of Jeweled Art

Damiani Jewelry is a feast for the eyes with their bold colors, striking designs, and superb craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry is still crafted by hand just as they did back in 1924 when it all began.

Three generations of the Damiani family have steered this Italian jewelry manufacturer and retailer to international success and recognition. Founded in 1924 in Valenza, Enrico Grassi Damiani created classic style jewels for the Italian nobility. Since then Damiani is a prominent player in the jewelry market creating award winning diamond-set jewels using traditional techniques and showing a strong Italian flair for design.

Onward with the Jewels!!!

MEDUSA Necklace-WHITE GOLD, DIAMONDS (CT 12,44) AND SAPPHIRES (CT 127,86) By Damiani Jewelry

Medusa Necklace : White Gold,Diamonds (CT 12,44) and Sapphires (CT 127,86)

This naturalistic collection is inspired by the creatures of the sea of which it reproduces the shapes and colors in outstandingly enticing jewels. The flowing movements of the medusa are represented by countless griffes set with sapphires in every shade of blue and ending with white diamonds. In the necklace, the frame surrounding the collar is made with irregularly shaped griffes set with violet and lilac sapphires and white diamonds. The jewels of the Medusa collection are made with multicolor gold, fancy diamonds of different hues, brown and white diamonds.

Burlesque WHITE GOLD AND DIAMONDS (CT 18,01) BRACELET by Damiani
Burlesque Bracelet : WHITE GOLD AND DIAMONDS (CT 18,01)

The world of burlesque has clearly inspired this collection: a range of jewelry that evokes corsets and their laces with Damiani’s master goldsmiths doing a great deal of research to create products that are extremely elaborated and soft to wear. The two chains on the bracelet cross over, to adjust the fit like a corset. Seemingly a rigid bracelet, it is actually jointed and perfectly adaptable to any wrist.

Carmen Necklace : WHITE GOLD, PINK GOLD, DIAMONDS (CT 10,47), SAPPHIRES (CT 16,56) AND AMETHYST-Haute Tramp


The Carmen collection transfers the peerless melodies of the opera into equally magnificent jewelry. Carmen is soft, sensual, provocative and ironic. All these features are embodied in the exquisite colors of the stones and in the techniques and workmanship applied. Deep red, fleshy roses, braided leaves and branches are made with pink and burnished gold, amethysts, pink sapphires and diamonds. A perfect balance of solids and voids gives visual impact to these highly decorative but weightless jewels, in which every detail is crafted with care.


Butterfly Necklace : WHITE GOLD, RUBIES,SAPPHIRES (CT 14,53) AND BLACK AND WHITE DIAMONDS (CT 8,58) by Damiani


The Butterfly collection harks back to the light and delicate fluttering of a butterfly’s wings with pieces that can be combined and worn in different ways. The quality, delicate workmanship and attention to detail are highlighted by sapphires in a palette of colors that spans from yellow to orange, pink to red, sky blue to blue, and enhanced by the various shade of gold: pink, yellow and brown.


Burlesque Bracelet by Damiani

Burlesque Bracelet

A beautiful masterpiece in white gold, with white and black diamonds and rubies. Damiani won the “Robb Report Best of the Best 2012” award with this amazing bracelet.

Cincilla Diamond Bracelet by Damiani via Haute Tramp

Cincilla Diamond Bracelet

Cache Col Diamond and Pearl Necklace by Damiani

Cache Col Diamond and Pearl Necklace

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