DIY Fabulous- Bulletin Board Shutters

As we here at Haute Tramp ramp up to bring some of our very own DIY Projects, we thought in the interim we'll finding ones that we think are pretty cool…..making them DIY Fabulous!!!

I happen to be one of those people that must have things out but they must look pretty or be cleverly hidden. I also must be very organized or things can become a clutter ball very quickly so when I came across a bulletin board with shutters over at the Crafty Nest I thought it was blog worthy. It's simple, smart, and can be altered to fit your style.


I would go for a vintage boho look and knowing me I would likely mod podge it with some funky papers, give it some vintage crystal knobs, cool looking hinges, and fabric the bulletin board with a light solid coordinating color.

One could do so many things with this, you could easily add S hooks on the shutters for jewelry and instead of a bulletin board get a mirror and shallow shelves to use as Jewelry Organizer and Display.

Whatever you do, it's fun, easy, serves a purpose, minimizes clutter while looking pretty!!!


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