DIY Ring Organizer: Ring It On!

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Ring It On!!! | DIY Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp

Open your jewelry box or bag or crate and you’ll see your rings at the bottom of that proverbial barrel laying there loved, but unorganized.  If you’re like me you’ve got rings in all sorts of places, from the candy dish to the key holders to the soap box to the center island under the fruit bowl.  Well now, it’s time to get the finger bling under control with this simple but clutch DIY Ring Organizer…and the best part is, it only takes about 5 minutes!!!

Ring It On!!! | DIY Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp

First you start out with your garden-variety spool holder that you can pick up at a craft store, we got ours at JoAnn’s. For this DIY we used a 60 spool capacity holder, while at JoAnn’s we also grabbed a can of our favorite color Rustoleum paint and a some fine sandpaper.

First start by cleaning up the plain wood spool holder with finer and finer sandpaper until the sharp edges and burrs are gone.  Second give the piece a couple passes letting the paint dry in between and hitting it with the fine sandpaper each time.  Finally hit it with a clear coat of your choice and mount on the wall or stand on your dresser.

DIY Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp Blog

Finally go on a scavenger hunt and locate all those hard-to-find rings and give them a new home! Voila!!!!! Hang it on the wall or let it stand atop your dresser, vanity, or smashing vintage dressing table!!!

Ring It On!!! | DIY Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp

DIY Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp BlogDIY-Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp

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