12 Days of Gifting Fabulous-Gift Ideas for Pink Lovers!!

Pretty in Pink Gift Guide | 12 Days of Gifting It Fabulous | Haute Tramp

For the next 12 Days we’ll be doing an entire series all about gift giving!!! From Gift Guides to DIY’s to easy recipes to Gift Wrapping It Up to Christmas Tree Decorating.  If it’s one thing Haute Tramp loves it’s giving gifts!!! It’s time to get the gift guides going and to start, it’s all about the color Pink!!!

Who doesn’t love Pink?  Actually probably a lot of people, however I don’t know any:)  Pink is just one of those colors that is naturally happy….perky if you will!!!

Below are 5 Pink Presents that are Perfect for all the Pink Lovers on your Holiday List!



1. Pale Pink Cable Knit Leg Warmers with Lace Trim, $34.00, etsy.com


Are these not the cutest leg warmers ever?  They have just the right amount of cute with a dash of sexy.  These leg warmers also come in a myriad of colors just in case you get pinked out!


2. Pink Bluetooth® Speaker – Beats by Dr. Dre(TM) Pill(TM) $199.99 www.att.com


This speaker boasts amazing sound, was styled by Nikki Minaj, and is Pink…..also this little speaker is one of Dr. Dre’s creations…..someone definitely has the midas touch, in this case instead of turning into gold, turn your beats up in pink!!!

3. Boho Medallions Macbook Decal from Decal Girl, $19.99

Boho Medallions Macbook Decal | Pink Lovers Gift Guide | Haute Tramp

Boho Medallions Macbook Decal from Decal Girl…..I am a big fan of Decal Girl as I have a fun decal for my Macbook.  Super easy to apply and it stays on while protecting your Mac and giving it a bit of colorful style.  Decal Girl has decals for just about every phone, pc, or mac.  A definite thumbs up for this gift with TONS of cool options to choose from and the price is right too!!!!

4. Fulton Pagoda Pink Daisy Umbrella, $36.30, asos.com

Fulton Pagoda Pink Daisy Umbrella | Pretty In Pink Presents | Haute Tramp

Talk about brightening a rainy dreary day, just open up this baby and you’ll be blossoming with flower powering joy!!!

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 Sugar Petal Tinted, sephora.com



If you have never tried Fresh Lip Balm, then it is time!! It is a pricey lip balm, but it is sooo worth it.  You could always ask Santa as well!!!! It comes in colorless as well if you are not one for the tinted balms.  Heaven on your lips!!!!


Tomorrow it’s all about the men and boys, gift guides for all things Manly!!!

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