Happy June 1st! I wanted to start off June with a fun 30 day hunt for gorgeous rings! Twist my arm! As we continue to be very busy behind the scenes getting our boutique ready to launch, I didn't want to get out of my blogging mode either. So enjoy the rings and Happy Early Summer!

Ring No. 1 Titanium Flower Ring by La Reina

{30 Gorgeous Rings in June}

{Ringing in the Summer-30 Gorgeous Rings in June} Ring No. 1 Titanium Flower Ring by La Reina via Haute Tramp

Titanium Flower Ring with Pear Shape Fancy Yellow Diamond in the Center along with Fancy Color and White Diamond Pave. By La Reina

Part of La Reina's, The Evoluzione Collection which is all over the top gorgeous and super edgy yet space modern with a sprinkle of refreshing. It is definitely worth checking out!


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