5 DIY Bracelet Organizers

5 Easy DIY Bracelet Organizer Ideas-Bangle It Up

July 24, 2013 1 Comments

5 DIY Bracelet Organizers via Haute Tramp

Bracelet and Bangle organization can be a challenge sometimes, especially as Summer arrives, we all want to whip out our amazing fun bangles!!! These are all organizers/displays that I actually use throughout the year, be that I have a soft spot for vintage bangles, I need a fast easy storage solution….so here we go!!!

Oh!!! I LIED!!! Before I get to our DIY for today… These DIY Bracelet Organizers are for your fun fashion and costume bracelets. For your finer bracelets or vintage high-end couture pieces I wouldn’t use these bracelet holders. Don’t despair, I have a whole other post I’ll be doing next week with not only solid suggestions on the different bracelet storage solutions I use but also all the sources on where you can buy them!

For the most part these are all items that you probably have lying around the house or are super easily found at flea markets or second-hand shops. Technically not hardcore DIY’s but I had already done the graphic thing for the post and to be honest…..A HUGE round of applause to all those DIY Bloggers out there as DIY tutorials are a lot harder than you think….but you gotta start somewhere!!! Done blabbing, On with the Bracelet and Bangle Organizers!!!


5 Easy DIY Bracelet Organizer Ideas- Candlesticks

5 Easy DIY Bracelet Organizer Ideas- Candlesticks

#1. {Candlesticks to Bracelet Organizers}

Candlesticks, super simple, come in all shapes,sizes, and colors plus look fabulous when all dressed up in bracelets!!! So take your candlesticks out of the cupboard you have them in and use them!!! Just make sure they have a wide enough bottom so the poor bracelet guys won’t fall off the second you pick it up….(yes, I’ve done that before). I think the candlesticks are just plain fun, Super Easy, and fit so nicely on shallow shelves.

I found the funky Mexican-Boho candlesticks at Urban Outfitters in their sale section (Note: When Urban has a ton of merchandise to move especially in between Sales Quarters, like right now, they seriously slash their prices). Hence I bought 5 pairs of them.

The short blue ones are actually special edition from Fiesta Ware for the year 2000, a Christmas present from my mom:)



5 Easy DIY Bracelet Organizers | {Glass Bottle to Bracelet Organizer} | Haute Tramp

#2.{Glass Bottle to Bracelet Organizer}

In this case it’s a super funky glass bottle. You can funk up any glass bottle, twist some yarn around the bottom, Modge Podge it, spray paint it, or glue buttons…you can’t mess it up because it’s supposed to be fun. Bangle bracelets are a fun accessory so chances are your already a cool chica to hang around so it won’t be too hard to have your personality shine on through!!! Truth be told I bought this bottle from a super duper over the top borderline wacky hippie chick on one of my many wild vintage shopping adventures.



5 Easy DIY Bracelet Organizers | {Vintage Paper Towel Holders to Bracelet Organizers} | Haute Tramp

 #3. {Vintage Paper Towel Holders to Bracelet Organizers}

This is one of my favorites!!! I did the Bracelet DIY Organizer a couple of weeks ago, in case you missed it, here is the link! These vintage paper towel holders come in so many different styles so it’s impossible not to find one you like and customize it from there. Below you can see I have three, one is spray painted blue, one is Mod Podge and Spray Painted and the other one is the works with colorful buttons!!! You can’t mess it up, even if you pick a color you don’t like, simply spray over it!!!

5 Easy DIY Bracelet Organizer Ideas-Bangle It Up

#4 {Giraffe Paper Towel Holder to Bracelet Organizer}

I fell in love with this guy last Summer when I was over at my brother and sister-in-laws house; she had this amazing Giraffe Paper Towel Holder! I took off the roll of paper towels and was instantly smitten! All that flashed through my mind were vintage bangles all the way to the giraffe’s chin. I was so beyond happy on Christmas to find him under the tree, his name is Humphrey. What makes Humphrey so great is he is all cast iron, nothing will be tipping him over, not even a giant whip of my cat’s tail:). If you want to get your own Humphrey Giraffe Paper Towel Holder, they are available at Grandin Road.

Making his first online appearance, here’s Humphrey the Giraffe, first “Before” his extreme makeover and then “After” all dressed up in vintage bangle bracelet splendor…..

5 DIY Bracelet Organizer Ideas

#5 {IKEA Toilet Paper Holder to Bracelet Organizer}

First off let me apologize for one of the worst photos….ever!  I think you get the idea! I absolutely love this one as it really looks fantastic in real life…I swear.  I got this at IKEA, it is part of the Grundtal Series, now in saying that, they no longer carry this particular toilet paper holder.

HOWEVER, they do have a swiveling towel holder that quite frankly, I think is even better than toilet paper holder….your going to have to use your imagination with this one think gorgeous colored bangles hanging on a wall that you can swivel to and fro!!!  You could even put necklaces on the bottom swivel arm if you wanted….just sayin’!

 5 DIY Bracelet Organizers via Haute Tramp

 Grundtal Towel Holder from IKEA

On that divine note, hopefully you’ll gain some inspiration and get your bracelets organized and looking pretty!  I have many more jewelry organizational ideas to share, stay tuned for next Wednesday where I will cover necklace organization.

 I’ll be starting a DIY Organizing Series this Sunday called Studio Style which will be all about getting your creative space organized!!!  From ideas on organizing ribbon to beads to your desk to gorgeous labels and beyond!!!  If there is anything that you ever want to know how to organize or tips on anything and everything related to jewelry or beads, just ask…I’ll answer:)

Happy Wednesday!!!