Home-made studio

Hello Dear Reader!  Today we bring you a relatively easy and simple DIY for you photographers out there.  For many of us online retailers from small volume ebay sellers to high output online retailers, product photography is one of the most important aspects of our business.  Whether you are a mom and pop shop or the next big thing, professional looking product photography does more to sell your product than anything else.  In this age where product impact and customer conversion is heavily impacted by your visual presentation, getting your images to look professional can seem like a daunting task.  Fortunately for you, we’ve put together this very simple and easy DIY photo studio.

Materials Needed:

Lighting Support
1x C clamp for light (Link)
2x Heavy Duty Hangers from Home Depot (Link)
1x 5/8in Metal rod (pick a length that works for you)

Seamless Support
2x Metal eye hooks (closed)
2x Metal hooks (open)
1x 3/4in x 48in Wooden Dowel (Link)
1x Seamless paper

Hope you’re still with us Dear Reader!  There are two distinct parts to your studio setup: Lighting and Background and are relatively simple to put together.  Start by screwing the closed hooks into the ends of the wooden dowel and the open hooks into the rafters of the ceiling.  This setup will allow you to quickly and easily remove the setup to change rolls should a background change be in order. A word of caution: We have rafters in this room and should you find yourself with drywall, make sure you secure with the appropriate mounting hardware for drywall.  These screws while load-bearing are not carrying a lot of weight but for larger installations you will want to drill into something more substantial.


Next up is securing the lighting to the ceiling in a similar manner.  For this one we needed something that can bear more weight depending on the size and weight of the lighting equipment and modifiers.  This quick and easy lighting setup allows us to slide the strobe/hot lights along the length of the metal bar as we see fit.  Start off by taking the two rubber covered hooks and screwing them into the rafters parallel or perpendicular to the seamless paper depending on your needs.  For this DIY setup I have included a link to clamps that will fit standard photography hot-lights and strobes and can clamp to the bar.  The ones shown in the photo below came with the light and feature holes that we can slide the bar through.  Either will work! IMG_5243

If you are going to be moving the light often consider replacing the rubber coated hooks with larger eyehooks and A-clamps to secure the bar.


Below is a photo we shot with this DIY photo studio setup


There you have it, easy as Ready. Set. Photo Shoot!!!!