How can you not smile after seeing this guy!!! I love him, then again I'm a big fan of all big jolly Buddhas!:). Now the fact that you can wear him too and whenever you need a boost of happy, just look at him!

{Daily Jewel} 1960s Happy Buddha Brooch

1960s Happy Buddha Coral Sapphire Diamond Gold Brooch

Buddha means “awakened one” in Sanskrit and defines someone who has realized enlightenment and inner peace. This happy retro Buddha brooch, circa 1960, symbolizes those individuals who have ultimately found the best in life! With a hand carved coral face sporting the widest of smiles and 18K yellow gold monastic robes, complete with diamond sleeves and sapphire buttons, the Buddha reminds us that contentment can, too, be ours! The whimsical happy Buddha is only 1 1/2″ tall, but he is so packed with goodness that he is a larger than life wardrobe accessory.