I absolutely love Oscar de la Renta just about anything, from his couture gowns to amazing heels, that man was born to design and his jewelry was no exception. This necklace is to die for!!!! I want it! And of course it is sold. This is the type of piece that I would buy for me.

As a vintage costume jewelry buyer for Haute Tramp, I rarely purchase jewels for myself. For one, I can't get attached to anything and two, my personal collection is already pretty large so unless I have a social schedule like that of Michele Obama or Princess Kate, I could never wear it all in 5 lifetimes.

And yes, I do tend to rock a crazy huge cocktail ring even if I'm just going out to get a birthday card at CVS, because in the world of costume jewelry, IT IS ABOUT HAVING FUN! Would I wear this amazing vintage Oscar necklace to CVS? Why not? In all honesty, I wouldn't put it past myself.

I LOVE SPARKLY THINGS, especially vintage sparkly things, they make me happy. When I feel good on the inside, I feel positive, and therefore emit positive energy and the world can always use more positive energy. The more positive energy the more I tend to make people happy, the more happy the better. Basically my epic plan for world peace is for the whole world to sparkle and light up like giant vintage Swarovskis….and then “BAM”, just like that world peace!!!

So I give you one Vintage Oscar de la Renta Crystal Sparkly Collar aka possible catalyst to world peace.


{Vintage Costume Jewelry Love} Runway Vintage Oscar de la Renta Clear Crystal Necklace


Runway Vintage Oscar de la Renta Clear Crystal Necklace

Happy Friday!!! On Monday I'll be blogging all about the gorgeous jewels on the Red Carpet!!