Off to the Races- Haute Kentucky Derby Hat DIY Challenge

Chanel Inspired Derby Hat by Haute Tramp


As mint juleps are being poured, I just wanted to share the very custom Kentucky Derby Hat that I made for my friend who is at the Derby as we speak. She asked me a few months ago if I would come up with a Haute Tramp style Derby hat and I said I was up for the challenge. Even though I'm a vintage jewelry designer, I do have a huge horde of vintage millinery and of course, hat pins.

And PEARLS! And one holy custom 1940's Vintage Black Diamond Swarovski Necklace!


However, this was a hard design as this hat had a lot going on before I even touched it. Ribbons in the front, polkas dots, and a double brim….and it's 24″ wide….all the components of a fabulous Kentucky Derby Hat DIY Challenge!

I knew right away, this should definitely be a Chanel Inspired hat as the components and color palette were leaning in that direction as I designed it in my head:) I am obsessed with making flowers and do design bridal bouquets but it was tough to tie everything together.

The Hat has so much going on, it could literally have it's own hat tour. As you can see, even Franklin, my cat, couldn't help but get under it and test it out:)

The Cat in The Derby Hat by Haute Tramp

First I made the gigantic 9.5″ black flower with champagne and black biot feathers pluming out …please excuse my barren backgrounds as I'm getting my future girl cave together! I laid it on a bed of millinery netting of the side of the hat.

Chanel Inspired Derby Hat by Haute Tramp

I will come back and go through all the elements that I used and how to create your own later…be that it is 2 hours before the derby:)



Secondly, one huge 12″ long Victorian Rhinestone Hat Pin (back of derby hat) and a curved huge Ostrich Feather to swing around the back of the hat.

Chanel Inspired Derby Hat by Haute Tramp


Third, I took vintage Rhinestone Buttons, pieces of netting, and pearls to make individual flouncy flowers that I wanted to look like just a peek of ultra femininity could poke out the front in the swirly ribbon craziness.

Chanel Inspired Kentucky Derby Hat designed by Haute Tramp

More detailing….


Lastly, Mona the Vintage Head Display aka Derby Hat Model and “the Chica” are modeling their Derby Hats!


Off to the Races- Haute Kentucky Derby Hat DIY Challenge

I will come back and do a comprehensive DIY Derby Hat Guide! Haute Tramp will be opening our online vintage jewelry boutique by early Summer 2014!!! Yay!

Happy Kentucky Derby 2014! And, Hey Johnny Weir….Look for the huge Polka Dot Derby Hat, gorgeous vintage sparkly jewels, 4″ nude platform heels, a little black dress, and a fabulous YSL black envelope clutch…she will also be about 6' 5″….can't miss her!

Xoxo Alexis

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