{DIY Fabulous} Picture Perfect DIY Jewelry Organizer & Display

Vintage Flower Brooch Display by Haute Tramp
Vintage Flower Brooch Display

If you’re like us you’ve got a lot of accessories and short of moving your bed into the closet, space can be tight! What we have for you this week is called the Picture-Perfect Jewelry Organizer & Display and addresses the need to show off those fabulous pieces while protecting and organizing them.

Total cost: around $8. Let’s get started!

For this project we decided to recycle old picture frames from IKEA that cost us about $5 in clearance. These particular frames are 16.5″x20.75″ with a usable area of 11″x15″. To complete this project we will be removing the pane of glass from the rear and relocating it to the front to act as display cover.


The picture frames comes in three pieces: wood frame, heavy cardboard back and glass pane. Bend up the retaining clips at the back of the frame and slide both pieces out and put to the side. The next step is to attach those nifty 3m Command Clips to the front of the frame so flip it over and decide on an arrangement that works best for you. We opted to do two on the top, two on the bottom so that we could slide the glass in and out for a semi-permanent installation.

Other variations include a small hinge and latch for easier access and style.

IMG_3217 Ikea picture frame

Rummaging around our drawers we found a couple books of self-adhesive scrapbooking paper and covered the front in blue while the back is red.


One of the alternatives to hanging this vertically is to attach four table legs (sand, prime, paint) on the corners and use this as a fabulous end table with a display! What other uses can you think of? Let us know in the comments!


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