{Ringing in the Summer-30 Gorgeous Rings in June} Ring No. 6-Circus Ring by Italian Jewellery Design

I absolutely love when a piece of jewelry can transform into something else or has a hidden surprise. Case in point this amazing Circus Ring by Italian Jewellery Design that opens up to reveal a pendant inside that can be engraved for the lucky owner!

{Ring No. 6}


Gorgeous Ring No. 6-Circus Ring by Italian Jewellery Design

Circus Ring and Pendant by Italian Jewellery Design

To find the origins of the Circus we have to go back to 150 years ago. Contemporary Circus with the big round tent was born because the horse games needed a circular space for their spectacular actions. This is the origin of the name “Circus”, coming from the round shape of the space. We took inspiration from this spectacular world to realize playful jewels, enabling us to shake up the classical standards of the high jewellery. The Circus ring takes the round shape from the big tent under which liven up its protagonists: acrobat elephants, spiteful clown and cheerful drums. A precious gemstone has been cut by hand in order to represent the big tent of the circus. A small shield is also contained inside the ring so that we can engrave it by giving the chance to personalize it and to use it also as a pendant.


Below is a photo of the circus ring open,revealing the pendant inside….how cool is that?

Happy TGIF!!!!!!!!!


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