Vintage Blue, Pink, and Yellow Jeweled Keystone Filigree Brooch Pin by Fashioncraft Robert, circa 1950


A gorgeous jeweled brooch of pink, blue, and yellow with gold gilded hand made filigree streuseled all around. Topped off with baby glass pearls.

  • Size and Fit: 2 1/2" wide x 2" long, Pin back with lock on the back of the brooch
  • Materials and Findings: Pink, blue, and yellow faceted open back glass stones, glass pearls. handmade gold dipped filigree, brass
  • Designer and/or Country of Origin: Fashioncraft Jewelry Company NYC, USA
  • Decade: 1950's
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Fashioncraft Robert was the work of three men named Robery Levey,David Jaffe and Irving Landsman who formed Fashioncraft Jewelry Company NYC in 1942. They made each of their pieces by hand and were so masterfully done that expert jewelers would mistake their pieces for real gems.  They supplied jewelry to the motion picture industry along with top of the line department stores and commanded high prices.  Very Vintage Old Hollywood jewels indeed!!!

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