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DIY Ring Organizer: Ring It On!

· Easy, Quick, and Oh so Pretty!!!! ·

Ring It On!!! | DIY Ring Organizer by Haute Tramp

Open your jewelry box or bag or crate and you’ll see your rings at the bottom of that proverbial barrel laying there loved, but unorganized.  If you’re like me you’ve got rings in all sorts of places, from the candy dish to the key holders to the soap box to the center island under the […]

From Drab to Fab: DIY Bracelet Organizer

Bracelets, Bangles, and Cuffs, we all have them, some more than others and there comes a time when you have so many that organizing your bracelet collection is in order!!! Today I’m going to do a Super Easy DIY Bracelet Organizer from a Vintage Paper Towel Holder. What is great about these vintage paper towel […]