Vintage Cocktail Rings-Costume Jewelry Glamour Show

As a vintage costume jewelry collector, I’ve always had a weakness for Vintage Cocktail Rings. Huge over the top obnoxious jeweled rings that make a statement. They always seem to call out at me and I just can’t resist. It’s a problem but a great one to have in my bold sparkly opinion.

Cocktail rings are not for everyone but for those that appreciate them, I put together a pretty post of images, including some of my very own favorites. If you are just starting out collecting vintage costume jewelry, there are definitely some pretty vintage rings out there just waiting to find a great home right smack in the center of your hand on your middle finger….I mean if your going to go for it, you might as well put them on the one finger that makes a statement when it’s naked!!!!

Vintage Cocktail Rings, Haute Tramp Vintage Collection
Collection of Vintage Cocktail Rings, Haute Tramp’s Personal Treasure Trove

Above are a myriad of cocktail rings that I wear a lot. The gold dome rhinestone ring on the pointer finger was my very first vintage ring find. And as they say the rest is history. They are all from the 50’s to 60’s except for the Wendy Gell Ring which I pictured below with a further in depth description of a few of  these beauties.

First let’s check out some I found online that caught my eye and hopefully you’ll like them too! As always please feel free to shoot me a question, comment, or suggestions on something you would like to learn more about and I’ll make it happen.

Vintage Western W. Germany Green Rhinestone Cocktail Ring

Vintage Green Glass Faceted Stone Cocktail Ring is from West Germany, circa 1960’s

The spiral rope like setting frames this West German ring beautifully. It’s in a super flattering emerald green that looks great on just about everyone. You can find more about it on eBay


Vintage Gianni Versace Rhinestone Cocktail Ring


Gianni Versace Massive Cocktail Ring with Rhinestones

A serious vintage Versace Ring on one huge sparkly mission with it’s geometric baguette rhinestones framed by triangular shaped crystal stones on either side.  It’s one serious bold fabulous ring! Here is the link to this Vintage Versace Ring

Vintage Yellow Diamond Cocktail Ring

Vintage Yellow “Diamond” Cocktail Ring, which is to die for, Katy Kane on 1stdibs had a great description so I didn’t want to alter it.

A magnificent and large yellow “diamond” is surrounded by a ring of smaller “diamonds” set in “platinum” in this elegant costume jewelry ring from the 1960’s.

The size of the center stone and the quality of the setting are exceptional. A great accessory, and a perfect piece of costume jewelry to travel with, this ring will provide you with many admiring glances from friends and strangers alike.

Go ahead, talk with your hands!


Vintage Dior Cocktail Ring

Vintage Dior Cocktail Ring with a beautiful purple milk glass oval stone

The ring is further complimented by a few rhinestones sprinkled about to showcase this vintage cocktail ring beauty. You can find out more about it at Farfetch.


Huge Vintage Faceted Purple and Blue Rhinestone Cocktail Ring by Wendy Gell

Huge Faceted Purple and Blue Rhinestone Vintage Cocktail Ring by Wendy Gell

If your not familiar with Wendy Gell, she is the Mother of Jewelry Collage. During the 80’s she did a lot of Disney themed bracelets with drop dead gorgeous findings, tons of bling, and a glue gun. Her pieces are fantastic and I appreciate her design, it’s funky, loud, and fun. Gell still produces jewelry to this day, check her out!!

I absolutely love this ring, I wear it all the time and it shows but I don’t care because it’s normally not under a 10 megapixel camera, it doesn’t have to be because it’s seriously ginormous in your face!! This baby is circa 1980’s and in the Haute Tramp Private Vintage Collection Vault.

Vintage Rhinestone Cocktail Ring, Haute Tramp Vintage Jewelry Collection

Vintage Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Dome Ring, circa 1950’s via Haute Tramp Vintage Collection

So pretty, so sparkly, so vintage…Love!

Vintage Topaz Glass Stone Ring, Haute Tramp Vintage Collection

Vintage Huge Topaz Glass Stone Ring, Haute Tramp Vintage Jewelry

I made this one because I found this Topaz Glass Stone from the 1930’s and had to have it on my finger so Voila!

Collection of Vintage Cocktail Rings, Haute Tramp's Personal Treasure Trove

So if you have a lot of rings you need a way to organize them right?  That’s what we will be doing on our next DIY post! In the interim, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Sunday, and Happy Sparkle Day!!!



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