Vintage Costume Jewelry Love-Ciner Crystal Necklace

This week’s Vintage Costume Jewelry Love is a smashing Ciner Crystal Necklace.  Ciner is without a doubt one of my personal all time favorite Costume Jewelry designers! I am a hard core Vintage Ciner jewelry collector and own many of their pieces and they are to die for!!!

Founded in 1892 by Emmanuel Ciner, they actually started out in fine jewelry and moved into costume jewelry during the Great Depression. I’ll be doing a much more in depth blog post about them in the future for sure!!!

Vintage Costume Jewelry Love- Ciner Cascading Crystal Necklace | Haute Tramp

Vintage Ciner Cascading Crystal Necklace

Ciner’s Antique Cascading Crystal Necklace is any plunging neckline’s best friend. The antique gold plating and clear stone crystal make this vintage chic piece both elevated and redefined.



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