Welcome to the Haute Tramp Studio Blog!!!!

Hello World and Welcome to the Haute Tramp Studio Blog!!

My name is Alexis and I’m the Head Maven over here at Haute Tramp.  I am a vintage jewelry designer, a huge vintage costume jewelry collector and a huge vintage bead collector. Actually that is a semi-understatement, I live in a life sized jewelry box, I’m not lying or even being dramatic (as I can sometimes be).

Haute Tramp Vintage Jewelry Collection
Haute Tramp Vintage Jewelry Collection and Colorful Never Ending Inspiration

I live and create in the same space, my studio is also my downstairs so trying to fit a vintage jewelry collection, bead studio, literally millions of beads, a living room, dining room, my cat, Franklin and space to breathe is a feat.  It does takes major organizational skills, tons of patience, blood, sweat, tears, and TONS of Starbucks Iced Lattes!!!!

Vintage Beads, Haute Tramp Studio
Small Snippet of My Vintage Bead Collection and Design Space, Haute Tramp Studio

I didn’t learn it all overnight either, it took a lot of trial and error.  However, it’s finally starting to pay off and this was one of the major reasons behind this blog; to share with others everything from organizing beads to collecting jewelry to easy furniture makeovers and beyond.

Miriam Haskell Ad, Haute Tramp Vintage Collection
Miriam Haskell Ad and Vintage Rhinestone Brooches – These are a Few of My Favorite Things

As we build our website full of glorious vintage jewels, we invite you into our vintage sparkled creative world!!!

Where gorgeous handpicked vintage pieces become transformed into layers of Individual style,where Smashing,Classic, & Couture reigns…Welcome to the World of Haute Tramp!!

Larry Vrba, The Dragonfly, and the Jewelry Wardrobe
Larry Vrba, The Dragonfly, and the Jewelry Wardrobe





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